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Al Sameer Multitech Solution 

CNC Laser Cutting Solution

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Mission Statement 

Die & Tools.Manufacturing- Inc. was established in 2010. Since then we have become a leader in the Tool and Die Industry. Through hard work and dedication we give our customers the Quality and expertise they expect from our company.

Die & Tools.Manufacturing-is committed to giving our customers a quality product on time and at a fair price. To do this we are always looking for innovative and creative ideas using the latest technology available to give our customers and ourselves the competitive edge to be a leader in the manufacturing industry.

Die & Tools.Manufacturing-is also very committed to giving our employees a modern and clean environment with the latest technology and training requirement so they can continue to expand their knowledge as needed to grow with the company and as an individual.

At Die & Tools.Manufacturing-we are always looking for new ideas and ways to work together to make our company the best it can be for our customers and our employees. Through hard work and teamwork we can achieve our goals and remain a leader in today’s fast moving competitive industry.


CNC Laser Cutting machine  Solution

  • Laser Cutting Sheet Pipe Tube L-Angel C-channel 
  • All Material SS Steel M/s Steel Aluminum
  • Copper Brass Bronze Plastic PVC 
  • Cutting Size 6mm For SS Steel
  • Cutting Size 12mm For M/s Steel 
  • Working Area 1500x3000mm
  • Repeat Positing Accuracy Tolerance 0.03mm
  • Min Line Width:0.15mm

  • Made in Turkey EDP-80 Punching Machine
  • All Material SS Steel M/s Steel Aluminum Working
  • Die Cutting and Bending and Punching

Dies are greatly known as specialized tool that are used in manufacturing industries for cutting or shaping material/ metal depending on what you desire. An amazing feature of the dies is that they are generally customized to the item they are used to create. They cut metal into desired shape when pressed and stamped. There are several products that can be created with a die or the stamping tool in this case the class a stamping tool is our priority. These products range from a simple paper clips to complex pieces used in advanced technology, especially in automobile manufacturing.

Industries Served 

Automotive Connectors and Terminals Lead Frame & Bus Bar  Medical and Health Care  Food & Agriculture Cellular  telephones Lighting Turbines



One important thing to know about tool and die designs including 2D and 3D CAD Softwares when that you need professional tool and die makers who will create your tools professionally. The tool and dies makers are capable of making stuffs such as jigs, dies, molds, machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools, gauges etc. Every tool are designed professionally using our 2D, 3D models including the die designs and needs the touch of a professional tool maker for the finishing in other to get a perfect work.

  • DK 7750 CNC Wire CUT Table size X 750MM =Y650 Height size 350mm Date 2010
  • DK 7740 CNC Wire CUT Table size X 650MM =Y550 Height size 250 mm Date 2012
  • DK 7740 CNC Wire CUT Table size X 650MM =Y550 Height size 250 mm Date 2013
  • DK 7732 CNC Wire CUT Table size X 550MM =Y450 Height size 200 mm Date 2014

  • Made in German Surface Grinding, automatic in all directions, Size 1200x400x350mm
  • Shaft Grinding, Machine Size 500x250mm
  • Made in U.K Surface Grinding, Size 400x250x150mm

  • Haas VF9 Axis Machining Center, table 1000. X 20133 7,500 RPM Speed
  • Gate-Milling, Universal Machine Table Size (optional) 1400x300mm Swivel Angle +45:
  • Milling, Turret Milling Machines. Travel (auto) Size 660 x 305 x 406mm.

  • Causing Colchester Variable speed engine lathe with 400x swing x1270mm long bed. New in 2014
  • Summit Lathe with 550 swing x 3050mm long bed 2011.
  • Summit Lathe with 450 swing x 3050mm in hole 160mm.

  • Made in U.K Drill Size 3 to 55 mm Table 1000x1500mm
  • Made in India Drill Machine Size .5 mmTo 25mm
  • Made in U.S.A 0.5 32mm Drill Machine Double Head.

  • Made in German Gate, Heavy Duty Shaping Premium, Shaping and Slotting Swiveling Table 800 x 500 mm Length of stroke 750 x 550mm working
  • Shaping Machine Size 550 x 350 mm

  • 150 Ton Power Press Machine Size 600 x 550 mm
  • 100 Ton Power Press Machine Size 500 x 400mm
  • 65 Ton Press Machine Size 500 x 400mm
  • 65 Ton Press Machine Size 500 x 400mm
  • 45 Ton Press Machine Size 600 x 400mm
  • 25 Ton Press Machine Size 400 x 400mm

  • Steel Welding Machine Big Size
  • Steel Welding Machine
  • Aluminum Welding Machine
  • Aluminum Welding Machine
  • CO2 Welding Machine.
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • Auto Air Spot Welding Machine


NC - Bending &Shearing MACHINE

  • Bending Machine Ton 100 Size 3200 x 10 mm
  • Made in Turkey Shearing Machine Size 3000 x 10mm
  • Made in Turkey Ironworker Machine 120 Ton
  • Made in Turkey Corner Notch Machine Size 250 x 4mm


  • Sharing Cutting Machine 
  • Cutting Size For M/s Steel  3000 x 8mm
  • Cutting Size For SS Steel 3000x 6 mm


  • 200 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine Table Size 650 x 450mm
  • 150 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine Table Size 600 x 400mm
  • 100 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine Table Size 500 x 300mm
  • 100 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine Table Size 450x 250mm

  • Material HSS Steel M35 M2 Steel
  • Material D 3 Steel Material D 2 Steel
  • Material EN 8 and EN 24 Steel


  • Furnace Size 600 x 350 mm 1200 cm Temperature
  • Tempering Furnace Size 700 x 450 mm
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Machine B- 3000
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Machine


  • Toyota Pickup Ton 3
  • Toyota Pickup Ton 1.5
  • Caterpillar Forklift TON 4
  • Manual Hydraulic Forklift Ton 1.5


  • We als Provide  Best Service Transport Installation.