How We Work & What We Do Metal Working Since 2010, We cut your work, not your profits. 


Experts in Precision Measuring Tools & Die Making Made Simple 


  • Press Productions Work in Company 
  • CNC Laser Cutting CNC Wire Cutting 
  • CNC Milling CNC Lathe 
  • CNC WaterJet CNC Plasma Cutting

We are true specialists in the areas of contract cutting and

experts in  Laser Cutting, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe 
WaterJet & Plasma Cutting. We fulfill all the requirements

of our clients to the highest of the industry standards and meets

all the specifications required by the local authorities.

As experts in Laser Cutting CNC Wire Cutting & CNC Milling CNC Lathe 
WaterJet & Plasma Cutting  we have successfully delivered projects

to various industries across the Middle East

About Us 

Al Sameer Engineering LLC was established 13 years ago to offer work in the metal industry With Press Productions Work in Company,

CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, CNC WaterJet & CNC Plasma Cutting, Laser Engraving,CNC services.

We aim to complete all the key processes in-house and can claim to offer the most complete metal working service in the United Arab Emirates.

We have extensive experience with the latest equipment and machinery with a competent workforce. This combination makes for the production

of quality products delivered on time in required cost and budget. We have a wide knowledge in all aspects of the engineering industry.

Our service usually begins at the product design stage (DXF, DWG, CDR, AI, and PDF) where we strive our best to cater to our customers

Establish the best design and materials to meet usage and budget requirements. Our production starts with prototyping and testing phase

prior to full production of the design. Al Sameer Engineering LLC offers a One Stop Solution in very high standard of Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding.

We also have state of the art machines for die making which allows for accurate die manufacturing at lower costs to ensure consistent results

for our clients and minimize any downtime for them. Our Mission and Value We base our business model on providing the best material

productivity and manufacturing processes to provide the very best end product in accordance to your precise specifications. Our customers are

our partners. We collaborate to deliver innovative solutions to manufacturing problems, improve product throughput, and optimize processes.

We are a complete manufacturing solution provider with a passion to commit and the conviction to deliver. Honesty, integrity and hard work are

just a few of the core values Al Sameer Engineering has engrained into our day-to-day operation. With our customers’


needs in mind, we strive to achieve the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.